Conveyancing and moving home is one of life’s most stressful events. Choosing the right legal team is key to making things as easy as possible.

Our services

Our residential conveyancing team offers a first rate, efficient service. We explain the process in plain English, offer complete transparency with our fees and charges and professional legal advice to make sure that no stone is left unturned in the purchase or sale of your property.

Like all of our services, we aim to ensure that the same lawyer acts for you from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and open to discuss the transaction every step of the way.

We offer a complete range of conveyancing services across the buy to let market where we act for clients purchasing second or additional residential properties often as part of their investment portfolio.

We also act for clients selling buy to let properties and often these are subject to existing tenancy agreements. We can also help if you are intending to buy property for investment purposes.

If your flat is held under a long lease with fewer than 90 years left to run, you should consider applying for an extension. We can help you with this.

Our fees and disbursements

Please find below a list of our fees and disbursements for looking after your sale, purchase or re-mortgage of your residential house or flat. We have also given a brief explanation of the work we will undertake for you.

Who will carry out the work?

Your matter will be looked after by one of our specialist conveyancing executives.

You will be notified who will be looking after your matter when we send you our initial terms of business letter. That letter will also include confirmation of the hourly charging rate for that person, which will apply to any work outside the scope of the fixed fees outlined.

How long will the transaction take?

How long it will take from the offer being accepted until you can move will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

It can be quicker or slower depending on other parties in the chain. For example:

  • A transaction where either you or your buyer need a mortgage offer is likely to take longer than a transaction with no mortgage required.
  • A transaction where one of the parties in the chain is buying a new build property may result in a longer completion date.
  • If you are dealing with a leasehold transaction it may take longer to obtain the management pack from the landlord of if a lease extension is required this can take considerably longer, sometimes months rather than weeks to complete.

What will it cost and what is included?

Please choose from the following:

  • Sale of a property
  • Purchase of a property
  • Re-mortgage of a property

Please note that fixed fees do not apply to the following transactions: land only, unregistered title, mixed use, overage, purchase of land with benefit of planning permission, land with complicated easements, land with more than one title or land with possessory title – if your transaction includes any of these items please call for a separate bespoke estimate.

What are disbursements?

Disbursements are costs related to your matter payable to third parties, such as search fees. We will pay the disbursements on your behalf and collect a sum on account of these disbursements at the start of the transaction. Please note that the list of disbursements shown is not exhaustive and other disbursements may apply depending on the nature of the transaction and any other information that we are requested to provide during the course of the matter. We will keep you updated regarding this.

Sale of a Property

Set out below are the fees anticipated with the standard types of conveyancing transactions, however a comprehensive quotation can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

The following fees will apply to standard transactions. All amounts shown are exclusive of VAT.

Price over Up to & including Legal fee ID checks (2) Office copies (1) Mortgage admin fee Bank transfer fee Total for law firm
£0 £250,000 £600.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £692.00
£250,001 £300,000 £625.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £717.00
£300,001 £350,000 £650.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £742.00
£350,001 £400,000 £675.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £767.00
£400,001 £450,000 £700.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £792.00
£450,001 £500,000 £725.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £817.00
£500,001+ £750.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £842.00
Leasehold Fee* £75.00 * if applicable


If you are selling a property where a Help to Buy Loan has to be redeemed, or a shared ownership property, the legal fees quoted below will increase by £50.00 (+VAT) to cover the extra work involved with regard to this.

What do the legal fees cover?

Our fees cover all the work required to complete the sale of your property including:

  • obtaining up to date entries of the register of title from the Land Registry
  • sending the necessary property information forms to you for completion
  • preparing and submitting a full contract package to the Buyers’ Solicitors
  • dealing with any enquiries arising out of the contract package
  • sending the final contract and transfer to you for signature
  • exchanging contracts and notifying you of the completion date
  • redeeming any existing mortgages on the property on completion
  • when dealing with a leasehold property we will send the LPE1 to the Landlord/Managing Agent and then send replies on to the Buyer’ Solicitor

What disbursements should I expect?

Likely disbursements on a sale would include the fee for obtaining up to date register entries from the Land Registry and a bank charge for redeeming any existing mortgage or for sending funds to your bank account if necessary. Bank charges are charged at £30.00 + VAT and only one bank charge is included in the table above.

For leasehold properties there will also be a fee payable to any management company or landlord (if applicable) with regard to production of replies to the LPE1 and management pack which you are required to produce as referred to below. This fee will differ depending upon the property and managing agent and can range from £150.00 to £375.00 + VAT.

Purchase of a Property

The following fees will apply to standard transactions. All amounts shown are exclusive of VAT.

Price over Up to & including Legal fee ID checks (2) SDLT fee Mortgage admin fee Bank transfer fee Total for law firm
£0 £250,000 £750.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £886.00
£250,001 £300,000 £775.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £911.00
£300,001 £350,000 £800.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £936.00
£350,001 £400,000 £825.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £961.00
£400,001 £450,000 £850.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £986.00
£450,000 £500,000 £875.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £1,011.00
£500,001+ £900.00 £6.00 £50.00 £50.00 £30.00 £1,036.00
Leasehold Fee* £150.00 * if applicable
Help to Buy ISA Fee £50.00 * if applicable
Help to Buy Home Loans Fee £150.00 * if applicable
Newbuild £95.00 * if applicable
Shared Ownership £150.00 * if applicable
BTL £75.00 * if applicable
Auction Purchase £125.00 * if applicable


What do the legal fees cover?

Our fees cover all the work required to purchase your new home including:

  • Taking your instructions and giving you initial advice
  • Checking your financial arrangements to ensure funds are in place to purchase
  • Receiving and advising on the contract documentation
  • Carrying out searches
  • Advising on the search results and obtaining copies of all documentation referred to in the searches
  • Raising any necessary additional enquiries
  • Receiving mortgage instructions and ensuring all conditions are satisfied
  • Reporting to you with regard to all documentation
  • Sending the final contract to you for signature
  • Agreeing a completion date
  • Exchanging contracts
  • Preparing a completion statement and ensuring all funds are received from the lender and from you
  • Completing the purchase
  • Completing the necessary Land Tax Return and paying the Land Tax on your behalf
  • Dealing with the Land Registry application and post-completion formalities

For leasehold transactions we will also deal with the following:

  • Checking the Lease to ensure it is compliant
  • Checking the Management Information provided by the Landlord and Managing Agent and raising any necessary further enquiries
  • Ensuring that we comply with the Landlord’s/Managing Agents requirements relating to registration of you as the new owner of the property

Disbursements on a Purchase

Likely disbursements on a purchase would include local search, drainage search, environmental search, chancel search, mining search, highways search (if necessary). Also included in the disbursements estimate will be bank charges which are charged at £30.00 + VAT per bank transaction and land registry final completion search and bankruptcy search if you are buying using a mortgage.

If you are buying a leasehold property you will also be required to pay a fee to the Landlord and/or the Managing Agent for confirmation on completion that you are the new owner of the property. This fee will differ depending on the Landlord/Managing Agent and we will confirm the fee when reporting to you once we have received the management information from the Landlord. This fee can range from £150.00 up to £375.00 + VAT.

You will also be required to pay a fee for registration of your ownership for the property at the Land Registry. Please click here for confirmation of the fee that will be applicable to your purchase.

In addition, you may also be liable for SDLT or Land Transaction Tax based on the purchase price of the property and whether or not you are a first time buyer. If you are buying the property as a second property you may be liable to pay the additional property surcharge. Please see here for an explanation as to whether or not SDLT is payable in respect of your transaction and if so at what level.

If the property is in Wales then please click here.

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Re-mortgage (mainstream lenders only)

The following fees will apply to standard transactions with mainstream lenders. All amounts shown are exclusive of VAT.

Price over Up to & including Legal fee ID checks (2) Bank transfer fee Total for law firm
£0 £250,000 £495.00 £6.00 £30.00 £531.00
£250,001 £300,000 £520.00 £6.00 £30.00 £556.00
£300,001 £350,000 £545.00 £6.00 £30.00 £581.00
£350,001 £400,000 £570.00 £6.00 £30.00 £606.00
£400,001 £450,000 £595.00 £6.00 £30.00 £631.00
£450,001 £500,000 £620.00 £6.00 £30.00 £656.00
£500,001+ £645.00 £6.00 £30.00 £681.00
Leasehold Fee* £75.00 * if applicable


Transfer of Equity

Price over Up to & including Legal fee ID checks (2) Office copies (1) Mortgage admin fee Bank transfer fee Total for law firm
£0 £500,000 £500.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £592.00
£500,001+ £695.00 £6.00 £6.00 £50.00 £30.00 £787.00
Leasehold Fee* £100.00 * if applicable


What do the legal fees cover?

Our fees cover the following work:

  • Receiving and checking the mortgage offer 
  • Complying with any mortgage conditions 
  • If a remortgage transaction – liaising with current mortgage company with regard to redemption requirements relating to the existing loan 
  • Preparing a completion statement and ensuring there are sufficient funds available from you and the Lender on completion 

Completing and dealing with registration of the new charge at the land registry  

What disbursements should I expect?  

The disbursements that may be likely to be charged for a remortgage transaction are: 

  • Obtaining title information from the Land Registry 
  • Local search and drainage search and/or local search indemnity insurance 
  • Registration Fee under scale 2 which is included in the estimate above.  

Click here for confirmation of the Fees charged under this scale.