Basic Wills are common whereby couples might simply leave everything to each other and then to the children, a single person might leave everything to their immediate family. But basic Wills are not very effective because they don’t safeguard your estate from any of the above situations.  Talk to us about a strategy to protect your assets and help your family. A suitable strategy can enable you to leave a share or all of your estate to one or more trust (meaning that it is outside of your partner’s or family’s estate). This means that your surviving partner could benefit from the asset during their lifetime, and it cannot be claimed as an asset by, for instance, the local authority or a creditor. This type of planning means that you can continue to protect all or part of your estate for your beneficiaries whatever may happen after your death (or if you have a partner, before or after their death.) Taking the opportunity to ring-fence part of your estate with a trust is something you should do when drafting your Will.


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