Who would look after your children if you died?

Worryingly, six in ten parents in the UK either do not have a Will or have one that is out of date, research by Royal London found.

If you are a parent without a Will you haven’t documented your wishes for the care of your children if you were to die. If the worst were to happen the Court would decide the future for your children, including where they would live and who would care for them.

A Will nominating guardians for your children is especially important for single parent families, who make up one in four families in the UK. This gives you the opportunity to carefully consider who should have parental responsibility over your children if you were to die.

The role of a guardian is essentially the same as that of a parent and will include decisions about schooling and health, as well as moral and social training. There will be financial, social and emotional implications, and these should be discussed with the guardian prior to their appointment.

However, while guardians have daily responsibility for the children, it is better for financial control to be handled by someone different. This would normally be the trustees of the estate. Through the appointed trustees, you can make financial arrangements for your children in the event of your death. For more information about our Will writing services, request a call back today.

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